Provo Power building, November 2016.

The Provo Power project involved building in an established neighborhood near downtown and demolishing iconic smokestacks.

Public Trust

Municipal partners enlightened by working with Layton


All buildings have stakeholders interested in the form, function and fiscal health of the project. For many private development projects, the number of shareholders can be counted with the fingers on one hand ... maybe two.

However, with municipal projects, the number of shareholders easily reach into the thousands — if not more. “Any time you build something for the community, your audience is bigger,” says John Park, city manager of Cottonwood Heights, Utah. “People are watching.”

With extra scrutiny comes the need for building partners that thrive in the public spotlight.

Enter Layton Construction.

When you manage something this big, things are going to come up. However, with Layton, we’re able to work through them respectfully and professionally. I’ve been happy with how Johnny (Hollingshead) and Mike (Daniels) help me communicate solutions with my council, mayor and residents.

Brett WoodCity manager, Herriman City

Since the earliest days of the company, Layton has worked with municipal clients from many areas of the country and on all types of buildings — from city halls to detention centers.

Three of the latest Layton partnerships with municipalities are within an hour of each other near Salt Lake City. Layton worked with Cottonwood Heights, Utah on a city hall. The company also built a new facility for Provo Power in Provo, Utah and is currently putting the finishing touches on a new city hall building in Herriman, Utah.

“When we work with an organization, we want to feel like a part of their larger team,” says Mike Daniels, Layton vice president. “We want to look back on each project and have fond memories of contributing to the community.”

This teamwork and true friendship paid off when Herriman outgrew its city hall and needed to build a new facility that would meet the fast-growing area’s needs for decades to come. Layton partnered with Salt Lake County officials in building the 107,000-square-foot JL Sorenson Recreation Center in Herriman, completed in 2011. While the project wasn’t directly owned by Herriman, it brought the company into contact with a number of Herriman officials, including city manager Brett Wood.

The project also made Layton professionals early adopters of Herriman’s vision and plans before the development boom that took the city southwest of Salt Lake City from 9,000 residents 10 years ago to 44,000 in 2017.

“Long before we were ready to build a city hall, Layton was involved in offering their perspective on growth in our area, without any requirement that we go with them,” Brett says. “David Layton even took time to meet with me, offering his perspective and experience.”

When the time came to pick a construction manager/general contractor, Herriman looked to Layton. Layton joined the team and immediately added value. “Layton coordinated a tour of various city halls in the area — from Farmington to Alpine — and helped us think through what we needed in a facility.” However, it wasn’t just friendships and field trips that earned Layton the job. It was the company’s professionalism, experience and competitive proposal.

The amiable nature of Layton professionals was a key part of earning the chance to partner with Provo Power on the demolition of the old facility and new construction on the city’s central power facilities including the administration building, warehouse and vehicle bays. Assistant power director Scott Bunker was less experienced with the building industry, but received advice from more experienced colleagues about what to look for in construction teammates.

“Personalities,” Scott says. “They told me to assemble a team of people that can get along and make decisions together and Layton met that requirement. There’s no such thing as a perfect project, so being able to resolve problems quickly and respectfully — without dwelling on assigning blame — was key.”

The new Provo Power facilities are located adjacent to the Provo Recreation Center, which was completed by Layton in 2013. Scott simply called on the same contractor/architect team — made up of Layton and VCBO Architecture — that his colleagues at the rec center had come to appreciate and the same team was hired for the Provo Power project.

“It was a sad day when we said goodbye to Mike Daniels, Brian McBeth and Brett Willes,” he says. “The dedication to developing the right team paid off and was proven by the end result, including the relationships that were built.”

Johnny Hollingshead, Layton’s project manager on both the Cottonwood Heights city hall and the Herriman facility, understands that his job is easier because of the behind-the-scenes work done by Layton’s pre-construction and estimator team.

“The pre-con team put together the conceptual elements so that I was able to work the jobs at both Cottonwood Heights and Herriman in a way that was positive for all of us,” he says.

This know-how leads to better answers when the invested public asks questions.

“We had such a great trust in Layton that when people had questions, we would refer them to Johnny,” John says.

Answering questions the public has about municipal projects is vital to project success and a key element to Layton’s role as a strong construction partner to city officials around the country.

Herriman City Hall, March 2017

Herriman City Hall nears completion in March 2017. Herriman city officials keep residents informed about the progress of the new city hall through social media, even broadcasting city meetings through Facebook Live.


Construction of a new city hall and park was driven by the need to address the demands of a fast growing community. However, with the assistance of Layton Construction, we envisioned this area as an opportunity to bring our community together in one central location and foster a spirit of synergy among our residents.

Herriman Mayor Carmen Freeman

CARMEN FREEMANMayor of Herriman

Provo Power building lobby, November 2016

Provo Power officials developed a plan that offered the best in the latest technology and efficiency while paying tribute to the history of Provo Power. The new facility is LEED Gold certified and includes charging stations for electric vehicles utilized by the city.


The Provo Power building turned out exactly as we had hoped. It’s a statement of efficiency to our ratepayers and it creates a productive work environment for our employees. As always, Layton Construction was the perfect partner for this important project.

Herriman Mayor Carmen Freeman

JOHN CURTISMayor of Provo

Cottonwood Heights City Hall, April 2017

Involving neighbors in the planning led to greater buy-in for the new city hall in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. In fact, neighbors were so supportive, the Layton jobsite trailer was kept on private property with permission of the owner, freeing up site space for a more efficient build.


The Layton team functioned as though they were a department of the City, not a contractor. They adopted an ownership attitude as though they were directly accountable to the taxpayers. Layton delivered a product on time, under budget that will stand as a monument to the citizens of Cottonwood Heights for decades to come.

Mayor of
Cottonwood Heights KELVYN CULLIMORE JR

KELVYN CULLIMORE JRMayor of Cottonwood Heights

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